Moving Tips to Keep you Sane, Stay Organized & Save Money

In case you missed it, my family and I just bought a house! We’ve been saving and planning for this for awhile. Now that the dust has settled a little, I’m finally ready to get back to writing about ways to help you save time, save money and save joy! In this post, I’m sharing my best moving tips to keep you sane, stay organized and save money!

I’ve made a lot of moves in my life, so I’ve learned a lot of great tricks to make moving easy, less stressful and less expensive. Also, make sure you check out my posts for frugal living, mortgage payment calculator tips, money saving home buying hacks, credit improvement and this one for financial goal setting that helped my family get to this point.

One of my favorite bloggers at Love Love Love Blog (who also happens to be family), recently moved as well! I made sure to check out her recent post on moving to compare notes. Check out her post for money saving tips I fully endorse! I’ve got some more great ideas below!

Moving Tips to Stay Sane & Organized

For Small Spaces/Apartments

Trying to pack in a small home or apartment can drive you nuts if you don’t stay organized. That’s the situation my family and I were in this time around. We were renting for the past year and a half and before that had moved from a single family home. We had lots of stuff that we had to try to fit into a much smaller space. A lot of our things never made it out of their boxes and just stayed in storage under the stairs.

Now that we’ve added a second child in the process, we have even more stuff! I’m the kind of person that cannot function in clutter and chaos, so these moving tips are a lifesaver!:

  • First, go through each room in your home and get rid of all the things you don’t use anymore (sell, recycle or throw away)!
  • Pack “in place” as much as possible
  • Label everything
  • If you can keep things packed how they are currently “housed” do so

Pack in Place

This is one of the most useful moving tips for packing and moving from a small space. As much as possible, after putting your things in the boxes or bags that you plan to move them in, see if you can store them back where they came from until it’s time for moving day.

I bagged up all of our clothes and just put them right back in the closet where they were hung to begin with. This goes for books on bookshelves and any other space where you can make that work.

This will keep your floor space open and your home looking neat right up until the time everything needs to go out.

Keep things “Housed” as They are!

If you can plan to pack items in the vessels they are currently stored in, this is another way to eliminate the chaos and clutter of moving. For example, I have always stored my shoes in a hanging closet organizer that I just lay across the floor (been doing this since college!).

Easy Moving Tips. Keep things "Housed" as they are.

I just kept all these shoes exactly where they were for the move. They’re an easy thing to just put on the floor of the moving truck right in the same way they are housed now.

For Larger Homes

If you’re in a larger home with rooms (or at least one room) to spare, my moving tips are slightly different.

Try to designate one place to move all of your boxes so the rest of your home can stay as functional as possible while you’re in the packing process. This is what we did prior to moving to the rental. As we packed, we put each completed box in the front room, out of the way.

I labeled each box by room, by both color and name. So, each box that was for the kitchen, for example, had a green tag with “kitchen” written on it. This made it super easy to keep the rooms together while packing and when unpacking. I just used cheap construction paper and scissors to make the tags.

We are lucky enough to have an awesome lender that provides free movers when you close, so it was great to have these labels. They helped direct the movers where to go so you don’t have to bark out orders over and over.

Moving Tips to Save Money

Protect Your Stuff


I use the tried and true trash bag over hanger method, pictured above. I found this on Pinterest years ago, and it is such a good hack!

Use the “keep things housed as they are tip” for clothes as much as possible, too. I’ve found that a lot of clothing items can just stay where they are. We have some of our clothes in plastic drawers. It’s super easy to just tape them shut and leave everything as it is. That way you don’t have to remove everything, put it in a box and have to unpack it again later.

If you’ve got dressers and wood furniture, you can use this hack by securing the drawers closed with damage free command strips.


Instead of boxing up your bedding, pack your bedding in their sets. Fold the fitted sheet, top sheet, shams, etc., and insert them into the pillow case with the pillow. Then, just put the whole thing into a trash bag and tie it up. Label each bag with the name of that person’s bedding.

Beds are one of the first things you’ll want to get setup in your new place. This hack ensures all of your bedding is ready to set up right away.


In addition to the great moving tips I linked to above like saving mailers and newspaper, using dish towels or cloth napkins; I came up with a really clever way to protect glass cups with our last move. If you have larger plastic cups or containers, put your skinnier, fragile glasses right inside.

Moving tips to protect your stuff!

The plastic cup will keep your fragile glasses from hitting into each other. That way you don’t even need to worry about finding things to pad your boxes with.

You can also use out of season scarves or clean beanies for vases. Beanies are SO perfect for medium sized vases and vessels.

Moving tips for vases and other fragile items. Use scarves and beanies to protect dishes.

We have also tried to keep the original boxes our dishes came in to use for repacking. We’ll do this until we know we’re in our forever home. This has saved us so much headache, knowing our dishes will be well protected!

Don’t Spend Unless you Have to!

Use Less Boxes.

By utilizing the packing tips I’ve mentioned, you’ll need a lot fewer boxes. But, if you are running short, don’t buy them from the store. Lots of small companies go through tons of cardboard boxes and will give them to you for free. You can also find them for free on craiglist and Facebook market place. Or, ask someone you know that has also recently moved if they have any boxes left.

Don’t Eat Out.

It’s super tempting to eat out when you’re in the process of moving, but that adds up incredibly quickly. If you’re like us, we want to build our savings back up as quickly as we can. A down payment on a home is a huge investment!

If you’re waiting on a refrigerator installation or just too busy to make a full blown meal, plan to pack a cooler. Pack simple foods, fruits, sandwiches, etc. so you’re not tempted to load up on unhealthy and expensive food options.

Don’t Forget These Important Updates

There is so much that goes into getting in a new home that things can fall through the cracks. Forgetting important steps can actually cost you money or even affect your credit. Be sure to pay close attention to these final, crucial moving tips!

Previous Address

  • Cancel current utilities
  • Transfer Internet & Cable/Satellite (if you have it)
  • Stop any automatic payments associated with your previous address such as rent
  • Change your address on all of your bank accounts and subscriptions, including Amazon if you order from them frequently
  • Set up mail forwarding with the post office so you don’t miss any lingering bills at the old address

New Address

  • If you have an HOA, recheck what services they may cover such as water, sewer or garbage.
  • Set up any remaining utilities. Search the city directory, use info from the previous owner or check with a neighbor. That way you’re sure to go to the right companies.
  • Check smoke detectors
  • Ensure there is a fire extinguisher and that it’s charged and ready
  • Flush your hot water heater and make sure your refrigerator coils are clean
  • Ensure weather proofing and sump pump are in good working order (if applicable)

Check out more home maintenance to-do’s here that you can do over time to make sure your home is running safely and efficiently!

Moving Tips Final Thoughts

I don’t think anyone enjoys the moving process, but it’s so worth it to get into a new space that’s better for your family. These tips will make that process so much smoother and save your wallet at the same time. Happy moving!

As always, if you liked what you read, please comment and share below.

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  1. These tips are great – especially about keeping some things as they are like the shoes.

  2. These are great tips! We had 2 moved paid for by an employer but our last move was in us….with 4 children. It was tough! Saving these ideas for our next move!

    1. Olivia Hall says:

      Oh, man! I can’t imagine moving with 4 kids! You guys are champs!

  3. My husband and I are in the process of buying a house too! So exciting! But last night I literally kept myself awake thinking about moving. Not even kidding lol, this post is right up my alley!

  4. Well written list! Moving is such a pain in the rear, but this list would surely help.

  5. I just moved back to New Hampshire from living in Canada all winter! The move was easy for the most part…just the unpacking was the stressful part! It took me DAYS, I felt like I was just stepping over everything because stuff was everywhere!

    -Madi xo |

  6. Really great tips! Anything that helps this process be less stressful, amiright??

  7. I love the cup in cup tip! Thanks for sharing! Very useful!

  8. These are great! It helps so much to have a game plan ahead of time.

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