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Small Space Organization Tricks: Quick, Cheap & Easy!

We’ve been in our new home for about a month and we are still working on getting settled and organized! (Here are some great first time home buyer tips if you’re looking to buy as well). We have big plans for home decor and home upgrades for down the road. But, right now, we want to do everything we can to rebound from our purchase and moving costs. With that in mind, I’ve been looking for small space organization tricks that are quick, cheap and easy and can be upgraded down the line with more permanent fixes. Regardless of what phase we’re in, I want my home to feel super inviting and totally functional!

Small Space Organization for the Closet

I love our new house, but our master closet is definitely an adjustment from the first home we bought. It’s not a walk-in, and it’s even slightly smaller than our recent rental. However, I’ve been able to make it work with some smart choices and nifty small space organization hacks. I thought I cared about having a huge closet, but it’s really not necessary if you use your noggin and stop holding on to clothing items you’re not actually using.


First, get rid of any clothing items that you don’t fit into anymore. (Having children will do that to you). Also, nix any items you haven’t worn for at least 6 months.

I think a lot of us, especially women, hold on to clothing items for sentimental reasons or in the hopes that we’ll fit into them again. That’s a great hope, and might be realistic, but it’s best to focus your wardrobe on things you can wear now.

With that in mind, I put together a box of clothes for donation. This included lots of items from college that I’m not fitting into again no matter how much baby weight I lose!

Next, move any winter items like coats, jackets and heavy sweaters to a hall closet or into storage. It makes much more since for these items to be right by the front door anyway. This freed up a ton of hanging space in our closet.

Finally, throw items away that don’t belong and that couldn’t (or shouldn’t) be worn from ware and tear.


Small Space Organization Tricks, Closet Hacks
Small Space Organization Tricks, Closet Storage Bins
Small Space Organization Tricks, Closet Decluttering
Small Space Organization Tricks, Fold Your Clothes!

Organizing is the hardest part of putting together your closet, especially when you’re working with less hanging space than you’re used to.

Because of that, I decided to remove any items from the hanging rod that could reasonably be folded instead. I transitioned a lot of skirts out of hanging that I knew wouldn’t have a big problem wrinkling. It’s so much easier to fold clothes vs. putting them on hangers anyway. I always fold any lounge wear, athletic wear, pajamas or t-shirts and I decided to keep our jeans and nicer pants folded as well. Those got moved up to the top shelf.

Easy Small Closet Hacks

Use budget savvy storage containers for folded items. Instead of investing in a larger piece of furniture, or in a new closet organization system, I went with some practical, budget savvy bins from Target and Walmart. For now, these bins will be great for organizing folded items because they are super easy access. I love that I can just fold and dump and that the bins are see-through. They are tall and deep which enables them to hold a lot in a small amount of closet floor space. I also don’t have to worry about fitting these items in drawers or rifling through them in a tight space. It’s so much easier to pick out items to wear!

Make sure you get uniform containers for a neat and tidy look and that you fold each clothing item and type the same way.

Lay your hanging shoe organizer on the floor, at the foot of your bed, instead of taking up closet space. I have used this small space organization hack for years. It’s easy access, out of the way of the closet, and doesn’t make your room look super junky. I’ve literally had this same hanging shoe organizer on my floor like this since college. I first shared this hack in my recent post, featuring Moving Tips to Keep you Sane, Stay Organized & Save Money.

Small Space Organization Tricks: Shoe Storage

Use command hooks on the back of your closet door to hang bags, purses and accessories. I’m still in the process of getting these set up, but I can’t wait to get my bags out of storage for easy access. Having them on the back of the door is great because they don’t take up any floor or shelf space!

For larger bags that might obstruct your door, try fitting them into the hall closet along with your winter gear.

Small Space Organization for the Pantry

Yay, for having a pantry again! It’s so nice to have this extra space for food storage. (Here’s a link if you missed one of my most popular posts, Food Storage: How to Fill Your Pantry on a Budget!). I would, eventually, like to invest in some nice, decorative storage bins and crates to update the pantry. But, for now, I just want to keep things organized as budget friendly as possible.

Easy Small Pantry Hacks

One trick I’ve learned, is to use the shelf organizers from the store that the items came in. I also like to reuse empty boxes from other purchases to keep things tidy. These tricks work well in kitchen or bathroom drawers as well.

As you can see below, we started buying one of those “no-no” convenience items, again, that I talk about in my Frugal Living Tips post, but we did cut WAY back! They are for when we’re out and emergencies only!

Yes, the food pouches have found their way back onto our grocery list, but at least they stay organized with the store containers they came in. I also have some super cheap bins I purchased a long time ago from at home. Love that store! When our finances recover a bit, this is the first place I’m going to hit for home decor. They have tons of cute items for reasonable prices.

Small Space Organization for the Bathroom

Compared to our previous home, our master bathroom is quite small. (We gained a full bathroom, though, so I’m not complaining). However, I really like that it has everything we need and nothing we don’t need. Our rental experience prepared us well for how to make this room super functional.

Easy Small Bathroom Hack

I have actually come to like this next small space organization trick in lieu of a larger vanity. Over the door shoe storage! I found this trick out of sheer necessity in our rental. There just wasn’t any counter space or drawers in the one bathroom. However, there was an extra door that led to the furnace right by the sink that worked perfectly for hanging storage.

Our vanity situation is pretty similar in our new master, so I just upgraded to a slightly nicer organizer for this new room. I really enjoy that our bathroom products are conveniently laid out. Everything is right within reach and in easy view. Again, super easy access, and I don’t have to rifle through drawers to get what I need. This shoe organizer even has larger pockets at the bottom that work great for my hair dryer and straightener.

When the door is swung open, everything gets hidden from view (not that it really matters). But, if you want your items out of site, just swing the door open!

Small Space Organization Final Thoughts

These small space organization tricks have really helped us begin to feel more settled in our new home. Everything has a place and our household is beginning to function like normal again. I hope you enjoyed these ideas and can find ways to incorporate them into your small spaces, too!

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  1. My wife and I actually spent the afternoon purging our closets. We are expecting baby #2 in 2 weeks and , just like you said, there are plenty of things that realistically we are never going to fit into again.

    1. Olivia Hall says:

      Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. I love all the tips! The rack that you have for your cans in the pantry is really nice.

    1. Olivia Hall says:

      Thanks! Got that from at home superstore!

  3. I have a HUGE appreciation for organization, especially in small spaces. I’ve learned a lot from Marie Kondo! I took some nice tips from your post too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nene says:

    What a great idea!! I use over the door shoe storage in my closet. It definitely looks pretty plus keeps all pairs together

  5. krystal says:

    The pantry looks good. Love those holders for cans!

  6. Thanks for your tips! I’ve been meaning to re-organize my closet because it’s been a cluttered mess.

    1. Olivia Hall says:

      You’re so welcome! Happy organizing!

  7. What great ideas! I definitely need to use some of these tips to do a closet clean out and reorg!

  8. There’s seriously nothing more satisfying than an organized pantry. Thanks for the awesome tips!

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