DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Unique & Special on a Budget!

Father’s Day is just around the corner! I can’t believe we’re already nearing the halfway point for the year. My family and I have been incredibly busy, though, and time flies when you keep a full schedule! So, yay for June! I had so much fun putting together my Mother’s Day post and have been really excited to work on another great list of DIY Father’s Day Gifts. You will NOT be disappointed!

Like I mentioned in my Mother’s Day post, a great DIY gift always involves one (or more) of the following:

  • Creating an Experience
  • Sharing Sentiment
  • The Element of Surprise

DIY Father’s Day Gifts: Experiences

BBQ Sauce Tasting!

DIY Father's Day Gifts for a tight budget.

This is one of the DIY Father’s Day Gifts that really rivals an idea I had for Mother’s Day. A chocolate tasting for mom, and a BBQ sauce tasting for Dad! Both are so fun and so delicious!

You don’t have to let this idea get expensive. Plan ahead just a little, and add one or a couple bottles of different BBQ sauces to each of your grocery shopping trips, and by the time the big day arrives, you’ll have a nice array of sauces to try.

You don’t have to go with fancy options, either. It’s really about having a fun time together and enjoying a unique experience with dear old dad. Even the store or off brand sauces are great for this.

You can certainly go all out with your meat choices, or choose to stay budget savvy. Hotdogs, kielbasa, frozen meatballs, little smokies and cheap, bulk crockpot pork (this recipe is great for pulled pork sandwiches), are great, inexpensive options to try. Choose a few, and make your spread!

Decoration Ideas

I’m a big fan of the Dollar Store party section. You can get really inexpensive items there, and then dress them up with a few DIY touches.

  • Set out small picture frames with printed words of affirmation
  • Use decorative, large card stock paper as place mats
  • Cut out mini ties and bow ties from card stock and litter the table with your DIY ties and confetti
  • If you have chairs with “slats or rods” on the chair backs, tie real ties on the back of each chair.

Scavenger Hunt for Favorite Snacks!

This is such a simple and frugal gift idea. A snack scavenger hunt is an excellent DIY gift to get kids involved. Pick up your guy’s favorite snacks and hide them around the house. You can make riddles or rhymes to give him clues for where to search. The more funny, the better!

Action Movie Night!

DIY Father's Day Gifts: Action Movie Night, Star Wars!

Marvel and Star Wars have given us plenty of great material for an action hero move night. This is another of the DIY Father’s Day Gifts that is fun for the whole family. Kids can get involved with the planning by picking out snacks and gathering comfy blankets. Let Dad pick which movie(s) he wants to watch, and no complaints!

Sentimental, DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Handwritten Letter

Men are sensitive, too! Often, even more than they’d like to admit. A nice, handwritten letter is always a great gift idea. I’ve loved the handwritten letters my Dad has given me from time to time. Returning the favor, is a heartwarming way to celebrate him on Father’s Day. And, what’s cheaper than a letter?

This is another great gift idea from kids. If they are able to write, handwritten letters are often sweet as well as super funny. Definitely, a gift to hang onto to show them when they’re older.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts for the Office

There are so many easy and budget friendly crafts you and the kids can make for the office. DIY picture frames, mugs and plaques work perfectly! I liked several of these ideas from More Like Grace.

Dad will love these on his desk or wall to help remind him why he’s working hard each day! These gifts will serve as a lovely, bright spot in the office.

Book of Dad Sayings!

I mean, every Dad has dad sayings, right? It’s built in to their makeup. This is one of the DIY Father’s Day Gifts I made for my Dad one year. I thought I just had a few things to list, but as I got going, the list got longer and longer. You can also list his lovable quirks and funny habits.

A couple of my Dad’s most famous sayings are, “It’s better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it” and “See ya’ll back at the farm”. (We did not live on a farm).

Dad sayings are so fun and so funny to put together. Kids pick up on these really well so they are great sources to help formulate the perfect dad book!

Punny Shirt

DIY Father's Day Gifts: Make a "Punny" Tee!

A “punny” or just funny shirt, is another pretty inexpensive gift idea for dads. Make a custom tee in his favorite color with a few or even just one great saying on it. You can google some great ideas for your tee, or, incorporate a great dad saying as mentioned above.

Here’s one funny phrase I found that would work great, “Famous for my bad dad jokes!”

Surprise, DIY Father’s Day Gifts

Detail His Car!

DIY Father's Day Gifts Car Detailing.

Washing and detailing the car can actually be really enjoyable with kids. June, is a great time to break out the water hose and have some fun. Try to keep your gift idea a surprise by inviting dad to take a nap while you work on the car, or have him settle into one of his favorite movies with some treats while everyone else works.

Here are some super easy car cleaning and detailing hacks to help you make your Dad’s ride shine!

Crowd Sourced Tickets to a Game!

DIY Father's Day Gifts: Crowd Sourced Game Tickets!

I love this gift idea because it’s something your guy might not get to do all that often. Depending on what kind of sports he likes and where and when the games are, this gift could get very expensive.

Crowd sourcing makes tickets to a game much more feasible. You can get friends and relatives together to help fund the trip. It’s really easy to share and send money these days with apps like Venmo. Remember to mark each gift transaction as private to keep the element of surprise!

Bonfire Night with His Buddies!

Father's Day, Bonfire with his Buddies!

After Mom’s girls night in for Mother’s Day, dad might be expecting some alone time with his buddies, too! This is a free gift (other than whatever you might pay to do while you vacate the premises) that he’ll definitely appreciate. Every now and then, it’s just great to have a kid-free evening, even for dads.

DIY Father’s Day Gifts Final Thoughts

No matter what you do, if it’s from the heart, your special guy will love it. I hope you’ll try one of these ideas for the men and fathers in your life to give them a gift or experience they will treasure!

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